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The restaurant of Locanda La Raia is opened every day 19.30 – 22.30, on Saturday and Sunday is open also 12.30 – 14.30. Wednesday’s closed.
To make a reserve contact us by phone 0143 642860 or email

Locanda la Raia is a place where food is an opportunity to discover the territory, stay together and indulge in time. For breakfast, we serve fragrant bread together with our organic honey, jams, fresh fruit from Tenuta, sweet as well as savoury omelettes that burst with the flavours of our garden’s vegetables and cereals. In summer guests can sit at the big garden table, around the pool or have a picnic in the shady areas of the Tenuta. We love the rituals of tea, which we serve every afternoon with a different sweet treat, and aperitivo, the ideal moment to taste La Raia biodynamic wines. Dinner at Locanda is a special moment: small round tables decorated with garden flowers, candles and white tablecloths create that pleasant sense of intimacy that we want for our guests.

Tommaso Arrigoni, a young Michelin starred chef for Locanda La Raia’s restaurant

Tommaso Arrigoni, a young starred chef who owns Innocenti Evasioni in Milan, signs the menu of Locanda La Raia restaurant. He focused his proposal on the seasonality and on the interpretation of the ancient tradition of Gavi cuisine, a unique crossroads of Ligurian and Piedmontese influences. “My mission – says Arrigoni – is to enhance the products of the biodynamic farm La Raia: ancient cereals such as einkorn wheat, fruit and vegetables from the organic garden and meats that come from Fassona cows, raised in the pasture. Local are also cheeses and cured meats, such as the famous testa in cassetta, which come from the Slow Food presidents of the area. ”
In his Menu you can found typical dishes such as the baccalà mantecato brand de cujun, ravioli del plin, roast chicken breast and bonet with pears in syrup. Together with à la carte menu is there is tasting menu that starts with the wines – Gavi and Nebbiolo – produced by the Rossi Cairo family at La Raia and Tenuta Cucco and a “Merenda della Locanda” a proposal for those who want a snack during the day, perhaps after an excursion among the vineyards.

Cooking school: the dishes of Locanda

Locanda La Raia organizes Italian cuisine residential courses and cooking classes. We aim at spreading the knowledge and appreciation for the most representative dishes of our cuisine, well-known and beloved all over the world. Fresh-made pasta, gnocchi, risottos, roasts, meat and vegetable sauces, pies are the must-haves of our cuisine and the dishes you can find at Locanda. We share moments where you can learn how to prepare them, choose the ingredients, use different cooking styles and serve them. Our guests will also have the opportunity to create, with the help our chefs, a menu to cook and enjoy together.


Tasting menu

Menu à la carte