Let’s have a walk!

Close to Locanda you can find La Raia biodynamic farm: 180 hectares of vineyards, fields, pastures and woodlands. We suggest you to follow the red path on our map to reach the estate: it is an amazing half-an-hour walk in the heart of Gavi. You’ll have the chance of admiring Locanda’s garden from a different perspective, following the brook which brings up to Cascinetta, climbing up the hill and having some rest near Il Sabato piantare il cipresso e…, the permanent artwork by Remo Salvadori commissioned him by Fondazione La Raia. You can go on, then, skirting the Vignone, our broadest vineyard, from which our Gavi DOCG wine derives. Finally, you will bump into La Raia’s lake, the surprise of Adrien Missika’s Palazzo delle Api, our orchard and the cellar with its famous pisé wall. An excellent tasting is waiting for you there.
mappa la raia 2018